Bathing Party Cool Down Brunch




ROPP, 5., Margaretenstraße 60

After our famous Bathing Party we like to come together to celebrate a strengthening brunch.

Admission is free, people not having attended the Bathing party are welcomed as well.

No dresscode.

Please book your breakfast buffet in advance. It is cheaper and saves resources.

>>> Tickets for breakfast buffet and breakfast plates here.

And that's what's on:

ROPP - Libertine Brunch

Advance booking € 22,00 | Daily price € 25,00

  • Great Viennese breakfast: yogurt natural, jams (apricot, strawberry, honey), butter
  • Fruit basket Various fruits
  • Pastry: baguette (white and wholemeal), brown bread
  • Cereals: cornflakes, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts
  • Eggs (vegetarian) hard boiled
  • Sausage / cheese / raw vegetable platter / herb spread: bacon, ham, salami, camembert, butter cheese, semi-hard cheese, blue cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (seasonal vegetables)
  • Salad (vegan): seasonal salads
  • Schnitzel (pork, turkey)
  • Chili sin Carne (vegan)
  • Cakes / pies (vegetarian)Crêpes station (vegetarian) with chocolate sauce, cinnamon, sugar, walberries
  • Filter coffee with refill included

ROPP - Breakfast plate 

Only by booking in advance (plates must be prepared): € 11,00 

  • 3 pieces of french. Mini baguette / wholemeal baguette
  • butter, jam apricot or strawberry
  • sliced cheese & 1 piece of camembert
  • ham
  • hard boiled egg
  • herb dip
  • 1 cup of filter coffee

if vegetarian without ham, with double portion of cheese

>>> Tickets for breakfast buffet and plates here.

Note: Please do not transfer money for tickets without prior payment request from us! We cannot accept this money. Also, unsolicited payment does not entitle you to any admission. This will save us unnecessary effort and you some disappointments.