Who is Libertine Vienna

Who/what is Libertine Vienna?

Libertine Vienna sees itself as a contact point and interest group for all those who are interested in dealing with the topic of sadomasochism or BDSM. Libertine Vienna is an officially registered association. It exists since 1986 and is therefore the oldest (official) BDSM initiative in the German-speaking area.

What does Libertine Vienna stand for?

Our basic principle is tolerance towards all forms of sexuality, which are enjoyed by consenting adults. To that effect, we strictly reject non-consensual violence, such as domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, psychopathic crimes commonly referred to as "sadism" and the torture of prisoners.

We believe that it is important and healthy to get in contact with one's own inclinations and feelings and that it is more productive to responsibly act on them than to make them a taboo subject.

We are aware that people with BDSM interests are a social minority. The goal of Libertine Vienna is therefore not to recruit or proselytize. Our objective is rather to promote understanding of this kind of sexuality and to create a space for discussion. We see this as solidary contribution to a tolerant social climate.

What does Libertine Vienna do?

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