Libertine Graz Bondage Appointment




On request

Welcome to our monthly bondage meetup - the Bondage Appointment.

How does it work?

We open the doors every first Saturday of the month from 14:00 for all those who want to practice. As usual, you can exchange ideas, chat or train your bondage skills in a cozy atmosphere.
The BA ends at 19:00.

What does it cost and what do I need to know?

The entrance fee is 10 € / person or 5 € / person for Libertine members.

There is no dress code, come as you feel comfortable. You must be at least 18 years old to enter the BA.

Rental ropes are available in limited capacity and can be borrowed free of charge for the duration of the BA.

Information about the location and address as well as more detailed and comprehensive information is available on request.

Is that all for the day?

No! As always, the Deviant Sinners Stammtisch will take place in the Cohibar in the evening afterwards. We look forward to seeing you there too.

Occasionally we organize themed evenings in cooperation with the Sinners Stammtisch.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

See you soon hopefully,
Libertine Graz Team
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