Beginners Welcome

LIBERTINE Beginners Welcome

For everone, who wants to, but didn't yet connect to Viennas busy BDSM scene.

You are in the "BDSM scene" for the first time? Or you want to go?

You have been at a regular meetup, but ask yourself "what else" has Viennas BDSM scene to offer?

Where do you buy toys? Where do you learn skills? Where do you get safety advice? What to do in case of mishaps?

For answering all those questions we offer the „Beginners Welcome“.

This is not a regular meetup, but still we offer this connection point about every two month to ask all those question.

And - as a rule - there are no silly questions. All of us have started their entry to BDSM somewhen and have asked similar "silly" questions. 

To get in contact with "beginners welcome", please write to