Libertine Monthly Meetup

We meet and socialize, talk, discuss, and sometimes we play at our regular meetup (Stammtisch).

The Libertine meetup is best suited for:

  • All those who are looking for a first contact to the BDSM scene and want to ask all kinds of questions. There is always someone from the LIBERTINE team present whom you can address.
  • All those who would like to have a look at the first Viennese SM-CafĂ© but don't want to stand in the pub without a connection.
    All regulars who appreciate a good conversation. Because at the Stammtisch there is time to talk and discuss.
  • All those for whom theory alone is not enough. Because in SMart you can also play. So if you want to try out the bondage or flag device we are talking about with your partner, go ahead.
  • All those who also want to show eroticism or fetish in their outfit, but only when they feel like it.
  • All who want to know or exchange the hottest news about the LIBERTINE, the scene, SM or God-and-the-world.
    Everyone who is just too curious to miss this event.

Our meetup is open to the public, free of charge, anonymous and without any obligations.

There is no dress code, but decent clothing is advised. If in doubt, just wear what you consider "well-groomed" - that's enough.

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