CSD "Rainbow" Parade Vienna




Ringstraße, Vienna

The traditional Christopher Street Day Parade at Vienna's "Ringstraße".

rainbow flag

As in previous years, the entire queer community celebrates and demonstrates along Vienna's wonderful "Ringstraße".

Love knows no borders!
For the acceptance of LesBiGayTrans-people and all kinds of life and love! 
For more lust and joy!

Celebrate a day of freedom, exuberance and self-confidence!

Come! With or without an outfit! But come!

We - the Libertine Vienna - organize one of our legendary "Fiaker" again.
For this, we are looking for human ponies again. If you want to support us as a pony, please contact us! If you don't have a pony harness, we will provide you with a suitable harness.

We also need all other kind of help with preparing and accompanying our "Fiaker". Please contact us if you can provide any kind of help.

See our "Fiaker" wagon from the last years (click on the images for more):

CSD 2023CSD 2023CSD 2023
Rainbow Parade 2015


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